Hybrid cloud technology for business leaders

Find out:
• The technical terminology of hybrid cloud
• The link between hybrid components and business benefits
• The value creation opportunity hybrid cloud brings

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Hybrid cloud technology for business leaders

How to benefit from hybrid cloud computing?

Author: LeaseWeb

“Cloud gives us a cost effective way to guarantee high performance even during surges in online demand.”

- Gabor Vincze, Head of Global Services, Gravity R&D

Why you need to read this white paper

Hybrid cloud has many components

The diverse nature of hybrid cloud infrastructure means multiple components do different things. Business leaders need a concise guide to explain each component and how they are best utilized.

Understand the technology-business link

Hybrid cloud can enable a new level of cost savings and innovation potential, but business leaders must first understand how each component delivers a business outcome.

Best practices for workload migration

Discover how to adopt hybrid cloud by splitting up workloads in to logical pieces and migrating suitable applications to the best hybrid component.